• Go Smile Baby Blu Sonic Kids Electric Toothbrush for...

    ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE: Easy hands-free toothbrush with 360-degree toothbrush cleaning including antibacterial silicone bristles. Removes plaque, kills bacteria, and prevents cavities with this sonic toothbrush. This autobrush kids’ toothbrush brushes all the teeth at once, so you don’t have to worry about missing a spot.
    RECORDS AND SINGS: Cute music toothbrush for kids lets you record your child’s favorite tunes, funny voices, or words of encouragement. Pepper the Panda sings while your child brushes their teeth and it automatically stops brushing when the recording is done. This allows toddlers to have fun while brushing their teeth.
    LIGHTS AND TIMER: This sonic toothbrush has a mouth light for teeth which will make brushing FUN! These engaging lights will light up your child’s smile. This kids electric toothbrush with timer encourages brushing for 2 minutes per American Dental Association.

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