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Learn how to push this natural buttons in your body.We have the pattern to activate those body parts of your body from head to foot. It all depends on how you want to use it according to your game play or training. Let’s put it this way:

“Imagine that you have 2 buttons to press. One is blue and one is red. Blue is beast mode button and red is the switch button of neutrality or defense. You will learn how to switch and activate every part of your body according to the button you want. You will demonstrate the application on how activate your body state when you need it and when you don’t. When you want to attack- you switch your system blue. And if you want to become defensive in situations you can press your body red. Since we are talking about totality of the anatomic structures. We teach that as well with specificity. Your buttons are links embedded in your body and we will recruit them for you to become the intelligent beast. “

Why is it that their are only few athletes that perform better? For sure you can be the best Coach or Performance Trainer or the athlete and certainly did all the programs and exercises the body can take beyond training, discipline, beyond education and more than anyone’s experience. But there was a problem. Your movement and your athlete did not connect to what your brain is telling your body to do.

Neuromotoric pertains to the relationship between the nervous system and movement. The activation of the specific brain functions in relation to movements. The approach of Neuromotorics Performance Guide is focused in calming the Limbic System by assistance of the cerebellar functions (gyroscope) and brainstem (forgotten/ primitive reflex).We use this specific brain parts to the fullest structure and connect them to every moving joint.

We all know it is kinetic but are there specifics to understand and apply how to connect it ? Kinetic chain is significant but misses the brain link. We use kinetics as the engine of performance and sync them as well to brain functions.

… how to train “ this and that ” it’s just too much information and i did not find anymore reasoning on those exercises. At times they looked like stereotyped from other training’s. Are there specifics, on the spot applicable, simple physics or any brain activation that is realistic in this approach?

We highlight fundamentals in lined with physics and certainly YES you can have it. You will learn and feel it on the spot in your training’s and in your games.

… perform better in my practice. When i am inside the game I feel stiffness like i am kinda have that fear. What’s going on? How come i play more better during practice?

The Neuromotoric Pattern Guide will teach you exactly how to erase that state of fear you are experiencing.

Definitely that is a good start of connection. But you have to understand that Core Training has specifics and has neuromotoric patterns as well in lined with physics. The direction of every single bone being pulled by muscles.

The mind can lie but the body won’t. You will feel the movement patterns right away on the spot. And you can feel the statistical difference in your performance. Of course you have to understand that you have to accept the fear of falling in relation to gravity is something new to you. You have to submit yourself into that movement. Learn the power of controlled falling without fear. To have power one must expose his movements to dynamic falling and recoil recovery. Overtime you will understand it and you will correct yourself on the spot once you master it.

… My performance gets less better in games. I changed from a warrior to a stiff pony. I feel fear. My body seem not connected. I want to play solid then for unknown reasons i changed my mind. I play with doubts. My force became unnatural and that beast was never unleashed! I played too defensive and i felt weak and i have to admit i got scared. I want to improve my Explosive Performance. Can I be offensive if I want to? Can I play defensive as well but in solid ground?

Sports is like going to a war. Where you train your body and go to compete. You can’t bring a pony to battle. You need a tank that is wise and clever. Your tank is your body. Yes , you can destroy your opponent and turn your body if you want to. Do not worry about that. Lets turn your mind and body to be the clever beast.

Let me show you how to use the Neuromotorics Performance Guide. Hi My name is Neil Alvarez I have 21 years of experience in the field of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation. In this field i had been working mostly with Traumatic Brain Injury patients to Stroke patients and pediatric disabilities. I had been re educating them to bring back their functionalities close to its maximum potential. A part of this years i had also been working as a Neuromotor Trainer with athletes such as marathoners, pro basketball players ,boxers , soccer players , tennis players of all levels of fields to name a few. In this field i had observed many functional deformities. The worst part is that most able bodied individuals have the human nature to take their body parts functionalities for granted compared to handicaps. In the sense that their mind is programmed not be united in kinetic chains / connectivity. While the handicaps maximize every functional body part remaining. They have the ability to maximize the use of every remaining body parts. I also discovered that the handicaps exactly know how to use their powerful and bigger masses. Like their chest that controls their upper extremity and their core that controls their lower extremity. So in my years of experience i concluded that the able bodied individuals are the one’s that are handicap.

The question now is how? This time it is a game changer. I will teach you how to use my discovery science that i had been practicing for so many years. I will show you how it works. We will be using gravity to give us the effortless power and stability we wanted. And do not forget we will use your fear of falling as the factor element to stimulate the brain functions into action. Until then you will understand an effortless power with a stable body.

Any Specific Sports Coaches.ALL SPORTS…

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Medicine.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

Clinical Exercise Specialist.

Biomechanics Specialists.

Functional Dynamic Robotics Engineers.

Sports Education Field ( Professors-students)

Learn and feel the real power and stability in your sports performance training. The following video course is intended for coaches and athletes in any different sports categories or levels. It is the most SUPREME BIOMECHANIC LINK discovered in sports specifics performance training. It is useful on the spot. It is direct and has simple application. What you see and feel is what you get. The cleaning of unnecessary unwanted movements in dynamics using simple movements is vital in your training’s. Learn to become the janitor of dynamic performance training.

EBP Based : This System Education Video is Evidence Based Practice. It was studied and developed for 21 years. Meaning to say before it was released it was tested a lot of times. Effective rate is high for all levels of sports performance.

Learn the most universal and simplest way to correct specific body parts in motion in any sport.

How to master detecting-diagnosing-correcting problematic body parts from head to foot on the spot in relation to technique.

To improve your game and your clients using the simplest, flawless kinetic chains. It focuses in using specific anatomical body weights.

This science focuses on how to link power and stability of the body in one direction with forces in relation to gravity while dynamically moving.

Detailed analysis of postural movements in static movement.

9 minute video well explained movements of all body parts.

Video explains complete application of movement with gravity.

Weight Analysis of major moving parts of the body presented in %.

Reading materials and guides inside the course page.

Video demonstrates direction of weights of every individual major joints.

Video is extensive with full animations and presented with anatomic structure of the Educator.

Neil Alvarez, Mag. Sports Physiotherapist

Exercise Specifics Developer

Sports Specific Biomechanics Educator

Personal Trainer ( AFP Europe)

Brain- Body Link Specialist *** Neuromotor Specialist

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Click here to get at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors. is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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